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Celebration Cakes

Our cake prices are typically very competetive, however due to the unique nature that each of our celebration cakes are designed and created to individual requirements, each cake we make will be priced differently depending on size, design, and time required to make. As a guide we have provided a list of common size cakes with their starting price.


Each of the cakes below will include a sponge of your choice, generously covered in either ganache (dark, milk, and white Belgian chocolate available) or buttercream, then covered in icing in your choice of colour.

                                                                         Round            Square


4” Celebration Cake                                          £33                  £40


6” Celebration Cake                                          £40                  £52


8” Celebration Cake                                          £50                  £65


10” Celebration Cake                                        £66                  £90


12” Celebration Cake                                        £90                  £110


14" Celebration Cake                                        £110                £140


Other Cakes

We create many other types of cakes, which we commonly sell at local shows, markets, and fayres. These are available to order and are ideal for afternoon tea, gifts, parties, or just as a treat for yourself.


The list below is a selection of what we commonly offer, however if you have a specific requirement (whether dietry, or specific flavour/style) not listed below then please ask and we will endeavour to meet your request.



8” Sponge Cake                                                from £15.00


Cupcakes                                                          from £1.50


Children's Cupcakes                                         from £1.00


Giant Cupcake                                                    from £30.00


Cake Loaf                                                              from £10.00


Traybake                                                           from £15 for a tray of 10 generous slices.


Cookies                                                             from £10.00 for twelve.


Novelty (character / model)                                  POA